• Vrbanja sume d.o.o.
    Obodnik bb
    78223 Maslovare
    Republika Srpska
    Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Tel: +387 51 763 006


In addition to building and maintaining of forest roads, we are also equipped to do:

  • Snow cleaning and local roads maintenance

    We perform maintenance and cleaning of local roads in an efficient and safe manner and on time, thanks to a wide pallet of mechanical machinery as well as professional and capable human resources. We have a licence for maintenance of local roads at a local level.

  • Transportation of construction material

    Thanks to the special traction vehicles, which can transport up to 25m3 of construction material, using a MAN and FAP dump truck with cargo containers, we perform the works in areas under difficult working conditions (mud, great slopes, etc.)

  • Transport of round and sawn timber

    Different types of roads we use to transport wood assortments required such a development of our vehicle fleet. Today, for transport of round and sawn timber, we use MAN tow truck and SCANIA trucks. We are able to do transport on dirt road, technological, hard forest road and modern highways.